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Self Adhesive Carpet

self adhesive carpet

Clamp Mounted Mini-Ballhead Ver2.1

Clamp Mounted Mini-Ballhead Ver2.1

Next refinement to this clamp, was to add some rubber pads to the jaws of the clamp to prevent slippage on shiny surfaces. Now it sticks like glue.
I'm fortunate in that I had some self adhesive neoprene rubber sheets, that were ideal, but I would think a piece of car tyre inner tube would be equally effective.
I would suggest a regular contact adhesive to attach it to the clamp, or a double sided carpet tape, which I'm pretty sure is what is on the rubber I have.
Here is the clamp on my stair rail to test it out. With a Canon 430EZ flash mounted on PT-04TM radio triggers screwed on the tripod mount on the ballhead. One big advantage of the old style triggers over the more modern low profile types, they give you more options for altering the position of the flash.
One weak link still to sort out. I need to find some toothed washers to go between the fixing bolt for the mini-ballhead and the clamp to prevent it from turning on the clamp. After that it should be ready for service.

More info on the pics below.

Day 88 of 365

Day 88 of 365

My laptop appears to be fixed!

In other news, Proclaim Argan Oil Hair Oil Treatment smells good in the bottle, but once it's on my hair it stinks like a chemical nightmare.Think of a home perm kit that's been sitting around since 1986 and you uncapped the bottles, mixed the contents and now you can't get rid of the stench. I've not had this problem with any other Argan oil. Or any other hair product that I can think of.

Since we're on the subject, rose scented perfumes and I don't get along either. On me, rose perfume transforms into the odor of wet carpet and pet fur. Strange but true.

I took this self-portrait early in the morning when it was raining (was watching a neighbor put her kid on a school bus, in case you're wondering what I'm looking at). I thought I'd try again later but the wind picked up and nearly knocked out our power, so I'm stuck with this for today's 365. Eyes wonky and hair frizzy :(

self adhesive carpet

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